Can Vegetables and Fruit Not Be Healthy?

It is wonderful to eat veggies and fruit. They contain a lot of vitamins and important trace elements out body needs to stay intact. But if we think about the way we grow those… There’s a lot of pesticides involved. We need them to repell bugs ect.

Picture 6440

EWG (The Environmental Working Group) looked close and separated fruits and vegetables that contain lots of toxins from the harmless ones.

Every year, there’s a list of „The Dirty Dozen+“ and „The Clean Fiveteen“. The first list is all about stuff that contains a lot of absorbed poisonous substances. What can we do about it? Avoid those vegetables and fruit or (what I do if I can), buy organic ones. On the other hand, „the clean fiveteen“ can be consumed without bad consequences.

It is important for our personal health and for the intactness of our earth that we look out for harmful things and try to avoid them (here: toxins).

Here’s a list of both (for the year 2013). Use it as a buyer guide 🙂

Clean Fiveteen

Dirty Dozen +

*Ich habe auch deutsche Listen gemacht: Dirty Dozen +,Deutsch Clean Fiveteen, Deutsch*


Heard about it in the Book “The Honest Life” by Jessica Alba (

Main page here :


2 thoughts on “Can Vegetables and Fruit Not Be Healthy?

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