Washing My Hair Without Shampoo for The First Time

I have had dandruff since I remember washing my hair.

The problem has increased in the last two months or so. I have switched to Lush’s “Fair trade honey shampoo” in the impression that it was a clean choice. It claims to be “preservative free” and therefor, I thought it to be wonderful. I didn’t look close, though. It contains a bunch of  really dirty ingredients: Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Sulfates) and Cocamide DEA. Those have both proven to be carcinogenes.

Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo Review 004

I have wondered why I recently struggled with far more dandruff than before. Is it the radiators that really dry out your roots? Or is my dandruff actually a rash, the consequence of the harsh ingredients of my shampoo?

I finally decided to find this out in using the “no poo” method. This is why I’ve stopped washing my hair with conventional shampoo.

How it works (what I did to start):

Before I got into the shower, I mixed a rinse together that would be a substitute for my old shampoo.

I washed out an old jam jar and poured in

– 1 cup of water (it would be nice to use warm water if you mix it right before using it)

– 2 tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Instead of using my regular shampoo in the shower, I poured the ACV rinse over my whole head, making sure I didn’t miss a part. Then I combed through my hair using a wide comb. Then I let it sit for about five minutes and rinsed it out after.

When my hair was dry, I noticed what a lot of people say: In the beginning, you will have a transition period, when your scalp has to balance out its oil production. This will be a pretty oily time for your hair. It should last three to four weeks until your body is used to the no poo method.

Because my hair was oily, I took some cornstark and sprinkled it all over my scalp. With my hands, I brushed it through. The cornstark acts as a natural dry shampoo and is an awsome support.

I will continue with my new hair washing routine and I’m looking forward to see, what is going to happen. I hope that my scalp will become calm again ;).

2 thoughts on “Washing My Hair Without Shampoo for The First Time

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