Natural and Cheap Spot Treatment

Only use products on your skin you could also eat.

As it is my aim to use natural products, I started to use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a spot treatment. I read a lot of good stuff about ACV. Mixed with water, it can also be used as a post-shampoo rinse to get rid of dandruff.


The spot treatment is effective. Apple cider vinegar contains a lot of enzymes, minerals, nutrients and beneficial bacteria.

What I do is I pour a little bit of ACV in a spray bottle that I store in my bathroom. In the evening an sometimes in the morning, I spray a little on a Q-tip and cautiously dab it on my pimples. After letting it sit for five to ten minutes (so that it can penetrate the areas), I follow with my moisturizer.

When you look out to buy an ACV, it is important to buy a high quality product. That means it should be raw, organic (you don’t want to put chemicals on your skin) and unpasteurized. If it has a cob-web like formation floating in the bottle, that’s great. It has the so-called “mother”, which is where the good bacteria is contained.

If you can, store your ACV at a cold, dark place. Light can penetrate bottles and destroy all the good stuff of your cosmetics.



*Eine Anmerkung für Europäer (bez. Schweizer): Es findet sich nirgends Apfelweinessig. Wir können nur Apfelessig kaufen, auch im Reformhaus, im Bioladen, der Drogerie  ect. Dies ist aber dasselbe, wie ACV.*

A few sources:

Read on about 15  purposes of ACV at MindBodyGreen


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